Titans of Tech Set for July, Focuses on ‘Tech for Good’

The much-anticipated Titans of Tech Conference and Expo (TOTCE), the largest gathering of tech professionals in West Africa, will take place on July 26-27, 2024, at the Oriental Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Don Pedro Aganbi, Lead Consultant at Tech TV, stated that the event aims to bring together top thought leaders, industry experts, CEOs, presidents of various industry associations, and relevant government agencies.

Speaking to the press in Lagos over the weekend, Mr. Aganbi explained that the Titans of Tech Conference and Expo was created as a platform for influential players in Africa’s information and communications technology (ICT) markets to exchange ideas and promote a positive ICT agenda.

Aganbi highlighted that TOTCE will provide organisations with a venue to showcase emerging innovative products and solutions, engage with government and relevant agencies on the widespread deployment of digital technologies across the continent, and attract investors by highlighting abundant opportunities in the tech sector. The event will also facilitate strategic alliances and partnerships among local and foreign investors to expand ICT networks in Nigeria and Africa, and gather ICT stakeholders to discuss and shape the future of Africa’s digital economy.

The theme for the 2024 conference, “Tech for Good,” emphasizes leveraging technology to address societal challenges. Governments, organisations, and individuals can use technology to tackle pressing social and economic issues such as healthcare accessibility, AI, education inequality, poverty alleviation, data protection, and cyber threats.

Aganbi, the visionary behind the annual Titans of Tech project, remarked, “Now is the opportune moment to build our future by implementing appropriate policies, fostering collaborations, and harnessing the potential of 5G, AI, IoT, solar energy, and Blockchain to secure our country’s economic future.”

The Titans of Tech event will serve as a vital platform for ideation and strategy, ensuring Nigeria harnesses the full potential of emerging technologies for inclusive growth and sustainable national development.

The two-day event will feature opening ceremonies, exhibition booth tours, the Digital Governance Forum, the Youth Digital Roundtable, and the Fintech Café. The grand finale will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Titans of Tech Awards, known as the “Tech Industry Grammy,” honouring the pioneers, innovators, and connectors who drive technology adoption and usage in Nigeria and across Africa.

The Titans of Tech events will receive extensive coverage from local and international media organisations.

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